Meet the Emerge women who have announced their candidacies!

Sumer McDonald Cooner – 6th
Vickey Range – 6th
Natashia Carter Benoit – 18th
Bambi Polotzola- 39th
Tracey Antee – 40th
Leah Cullins – 67th
Lori Callais- 71st
Megan Snider – 93rd
Tammy Savoie – 94th
Robin Parrott- 95th
Iam Tucker – 97th
Lisa Ambrose – 100th
Lisa Diggs – 105th

Vickey Range – At Large District 11, Bossier
Sumer McDonald Cooner – District 4, Caddo
Emma Shepard – At Large, Caddo
Belinda Creel Davis- At Large, East Baton Rouge
Pat – District 3, East Baton Rouge
Leah Cullins – District 10, East Baton Rouge
April Williams – At Large, Jefferson
Theresa Roloff – At Large, Lafayette
Lori Callais- At Large, Livingston
Robin Parrott- At Large, Livingston
Muriel Laws – District 6, Livingston
Alsie Dunbar- At Large, Ascension
Natashia Carter Benoit – District 7, West Baton Rouge
Brenda Babin- District 9, Terrebonne
Bambi Polotzola- District 2, St. Landry
Mitzi LaSalle – At large, Rapides
Katie Baudouin – OPDEC B
Mandie Landry – OPDEC B
Erica Martinez – OPDC B
Kea Sherman- OPDEC B
Lisa Ambrose – OPDEC C
Diedre Kelly – OPDEC D
Tammy Savoie – OPDEC D
Megan Snider – OPDEC D
Iam Tucker- OPDEC D
Lisa M Ambrose – OPDEC E
Chelsey Napoleon – OPDEC E

Aylin Acikalin – First City Court Judge
Dwazendra “Dwa” Smith – 15th Judicial District Court Judge, Division D

Candy Christophe – 5th Congressional District